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Dr. Shepard a chiropractor in Bloomington IL – uses active release technique to get people out of pain quickly

February 28th, 2012 . by admin

One common problem among athletes as well as secretaries, receptionists and assistants is carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re experiencing a tingling in your fingers, or pain in your wrist or hand that radiates, then you can probably skip a visit to your family doctor and go straight to your bloomington il chiropractor. A chiropractor can use a couple of different techniques and median nerve mobilization to provide you with relief. In some instances, the chiropractor will use a realignment in your wrist or hand to give you the relief that you desire. Another option, that’s very effective and very personalized, is the active release technique.
Active release technique is a patented process that uses 500 very specific moves to identify any problems that you may be having that is causing you pain. It’s very similar to a massage, however, a massage therapist simply treats everyone with the same type of massage while this technique provides movements that are very specific to your particular situation.

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